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The Devil Attends Weddings

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on this blog, but I’ve been doing this really fun thing with my new-ish coworkers: Drawing Club. Except that I don’t draw. I write. So I’ve been writing in response to the prompts they use for drawing. I’ve come up with a lot of really great ideas, and at least a few I really love. Including this one, which is one hundred percent dialogue –¬†

“Who invites the devil to their wedding?”

“I didn’t mean to! It was supposed to be a joke.”

“Marissa, how is inviting the devil to your wedding a joke?”

“Mom, it’s just that-”

“What, Marissa! It’s just what!”

“So, Josh’s parents kept telling us that we were going to go to hell because we didn’t want to have a our wedding in a church. So, as a joke, Josh said we should invite the devil. You know, since we’re going there anyway.”

“… And the devil showed up. Marissa, you invited the devil to your wedding. How, exactly did you send an invitation to the devil anyway? Did you postmark it to the Seventh Circle or something?”

“I mean, we never actually sent it. We just left it on their kitchen table. We were just planning on fucking with them, you know?”

“And now the devil is at your wedding. The devil, Marissa. Mephisto, Mephistopholes. He’s here. Horns, hooves, and all.”

“I just can’t believe he stuck with the steampunk theme.”

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It’s Spring! I’m growing!

Intellectually, that is. I’m reading books, I’m writing books, I got up and went to the farmers market this morning, and now I’m job hunting! I’m doing so much! I’m also gardening! Edible things! Healthy eating awaits.

Dill and Basil. Two of my earliest producing babies.

I have a pitch-black thumb, so the fact that anything is growing is due entirely to the Boyfriend. He comes from a pedigree of growers. His mom has both a very impressive outdoor, inner-suburb garden and a thriving indoor forest. I’m very lucky he’s around to make sure I don’t kill the babies.

This isn’t even all of them. Somewhere, she has the largest aloe plant I’ve ever seen.



But naturally growing things aside, there’s so much going on in my life right now. May “in my life” is too strong a phrase. Today. There’s so much going on today. I was up at 8:30. I went to farmers market and bought both art and produce. I had conversations with locals. I went to the library to do research for my book. I had long conversations with the librarians who had many suggestions and illustrated in that moment three very different types of writers.

  1. The grumpy, eccentric purist who growled to the other writer who was busy suggesting books for my research, “She should be writing, not reading.”
  2. The cheerful, happy to help, happy to chat youngin’ who had a million suggestions and endless encouragement. She hasn’t published yet, but she certainly has an agent.
  3. And finally me, the hapless wanderer who can barely keep up with a blog, let alone the five or six writing project both begun and aborted at this keyboard.

But it was a fun moment. It is the first time, though, that I’ve had to research more than just details. I find myself researching a whole genre. Apparently, even though I read all the time, I rarely read mysteries. And since I want to write one, I suppose I must now learn to read them.

So that is what I must do. Also, I must work on my resume because if one is to write, they probably must eat. And pay bills….

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On Friendship and Growing Up

I have a friend. We’re more than friends really, she’s my sister. We have been best friends since we were four years old. Almost two decades. Our relationship has seen strain over the years. Other friends, family issues, going to different (rival) universities will do that to a relationship. But no matter what, we’ve been friends. We could count on each other to be there when we needed them. In a heartbeat.

But most recently, there’s been a … shift? A change. I’ve noticed that, when we hang out with other people, she is much less willing to let me be me as I am now. She will take every opportunity to make a comment that harkens back my angsty, awkward teenage years when my status as “the prickly friend” was well-earned.

A strange thing happens, though, over the course of a decade. One grows up. I went from  shiny, excitable, sweet pre-teen to sarcastic, probably depressed, argumentative teenager. And then I went to college, found new friends and experiences. I learned how to handle social situations, talk to strangers, flirt, enjoy parties. I gained new skills. As one does in college.

After college, I never moved back into my parents’ house. I moved in with a man who intends to marry me (I’ll probably let him). I got a job, two in fact. I started paying for all of my bills (except health insurance, cause I ain’t 26 yet!)

But my friend/sister/person I can always lean on, she didn’t do any of those things. She moved back in with her mother. She hangs around our home town where very, very little happens that isn’t racist or unfortunate. She doesn’t feel accomplished in any way.

And she isn’t really cool with the fact that I am. I may not have a perfect life (I’d love to start my actual career), but I’m not going to say that isn’t pretty darn good. I’m self-sufficient. I’m handling my shit. And she wouldn’t even know who to pay to handle her shit.

I don’t want to get down on her, because she has plenty of time. We’re 22, hardly real adults. But I’d really like her to stop trying to bring me back to where she is. It isn’t fair. I worked hard to get here, and I’m not going back.


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Looking Up – It’s April Already?

But seriously, can you believe it’s already April of 2016? I certainly can’t. For one thing, I haven’t written a post on this blog in months. Sorry, if anyone was hoping for more. I got distracted, what can I say…

In other news though, I just got back from a really great trip to New York Cittaay! Ok just kidding. Kind of. It was a lot of fun, though. Not my fist time. First for a lot of things, though. First food poisoning….

We were there for a wedding. A very lovely wedding between two people who have actually been married for four years, but a lovely wedding nonetheless. With delicious food that apparently made both myself and the groom’s family quite sick. Chef Boyfriend and I both suspect the steak. “Beef is very sensitive,” were Chef Boyfriend’s exact words.

But all that aside, I didn’t get sick until we were an hour from home, and this was the first trip in which I actually took pictures!

looking up
Hey, no Clipart!

More on the trip another time.

Today is April 1. Isn’t that just terrifying? This year is going by so fast. It’s almost time for me to start looking for another job. One year with the one I’ve got it enough, I think. There’s nothing like feeling completely unfulfilled by the thing you do 30-40 hours a week.

I also think I’m ready to start publishing. I’ve got a couple ideas. First, make a little extra money by writing essays and poems for magazines. The hard part about that is query letters. Query letters are scary. Second, I really want to start my own lit magazine. One that pairs artists and writers for really wonderful collaborative effects.

Would anyone be interested in a thing like that?

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Employment? Is it Christmas?

I have a new job! It’s a part time blog editing position for a small publishing company. How cool is that? It’s like it’s Christmas! Just ask the stores…christmas-tree16

The “Blog Editor” title is misleading. I will be doing some writing and page design for them as well, but it’s a WordPress based site. I guess I’ve got a tiny bit of experience with that.

As for the Holidays themselves, who’s ready for Thanksgiving?

Well, considering I’ll pretty much be alone as the boyfriend is heading up to his mom’s house and I have to work everything but the day itself? Not me! I’m exaggerating a little bit. My parents will be visiting for a couple of hours, but still. Not what I had planned.

I also haven’t purchased a single Christmas gift. For anyone. Except myself.

Anyone want a Lindor Truffle? They’re dark chocolate….

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Freelancing: How To

The title is more of a question than an answer. I’m trying to meander my way to a career in freelance editing. I’ve been reading article upon article about how to make things happen. And you know what? I still don’t really know.

Branding is, apparently, key. I need to make sure that people know who I am and want to engage me. This would imply that these people have even noticed me. I’m not sure how to get people to notice me.

As demonstrated by the fact that no one has ever read this blog.

Is this a clip art stack of books? Yes is is. I’m still working on my image gallery.
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Thoughts About Life

So I’m not doing very much living lately. Sure, I go to work every day, I do my job. Job-s, by the way. I’m a waitress, a bank teller, and a freelance editor. Funny how that all manages to fit together in 24 hours a day.

If I were honest though, I’d admit to the fact that I do very little writing lately. I’m going to have to do something about that.

But I’ve been examining my priorities. Or rather, what I ACTUALLY want to do with my life. And, dun dun dun! I actually know what I want to do. I want to be an editor. I want that to be my career. And right now, I’m editing a book for a friend. I’m being paid. Not much, but we’re both poor. (Poor meaning not actually making a whole lot of money off of life.) But it’s genuinely what I feel to be my calling.

I’ve also had it pointed out that I’d make a decent book critic. Maybe I’ll actually start doing that. That was, after all, the original plan for this blog.

Other things –

  1. I subscribed to Ipsy, a makeup sample site. It’s awesome. I got a lipstick, tweeters, face scrub, and hair mask! The lipstick is my fave. So pretty….
  2. I worked in one place for less than three months then found it necessary to transfer. Catty, mean coworkers are the worst.
  3. I have been reading A LOT lately. It’s awesome.

On point number 3. This book was weird, and I’ll tell you all about it next time.